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The Magic, Mystery & Science of Water | Isabel Friend #042

August 27, 2020 Dylan Smith: Ayurvedic Practitioner, Holistic Health Educator, Conscious Entrepreneur Season 1 Episode 42
The Vital Veda Podcast: Ayurveda | Holistic Health | Cosmic and Natural Law
The Magic, Mystery & Science of Water | Isabel Friend #042
Show Notes

You may think water is a simple molecule, such a basic element, but the truth is, Water is NOT simple. At all.

Water is actually profoundly complex and mysterious.

We are literally bodies water, living on a body of water. You better get to know yourself.

We know very little about water
. It behaves anonymously, unlike anything in the universe. And its functions completely baffles scientists.

We are made of water. We are 99.92% water molecularly.

We are post Fukushima and mid-fracking. The water that most of the population are drinking, showering in and made up of is very low in quality. Stripped of it’s nature, structure and life-force.

We need a strategy to optimise our water!


  • Water is Profoundly Mysterious to Modern Science
  • 64 Anomalies of Water
  • How we lack the full spectrum of elemental nourishment
  • The Fourth Phase of WateR
  • The crystalline state of water - it acts like a crystal
  • Cosmic Phases of Water
  • Why it is so important to consume structured water
  • The Fifth Phase of Water
  • The Importance of Lubrication
  • 3 Kinds of Hydrogens
  • The Importance of Proper Hydration for Mental Health
  • The First Signs of Dehydration
  • Fascia - A layer which covers and surrounds blood vessels, muscles and nerves.
  • The Epidemic of Chronic Dehydration
  • How to Structure (Thus Optimise) Your Water
  • Spring Water - Harvesting your own or getting it delivered
  • Hot Springs
  • Filtering & Structuring Your Tap Water
  • Ways to Structure Water
  • How to Power a City’s Entire Electrical Grid from It’s Plumbing Alone
  • BPA Free Plastic
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Alkaline Water
  • We Are Still Aquatic Beings
  • Marine Plasma - The primordial soup. An oceanic broth of everything necessary to sustain life.
  • The Origin of Water
  • The Current Economic and Social Situation on Water
  • Water is the Key to Solving Climate Change
  • + MORE


Isabel Friend has a borderline obsessive fascination with water.

She teaches full time about water and facilitates ceremonies and host retreats about water all around the world.

She’s a public speaker, certified nutritionist, Mystic dance and Integral yoga teacher and Reiki master with a passion for understanding the power of earth-based living and 5 element integration.

She has also trained extensively in aromatherapy and herbalism.

With 10 years of experience in the field of health, her wellness philosophy centres around the idea of being close to nature.

She is a nerd who is passionate about bringing modern scientific understanding together with ancient ancestral wisdom in a way that grounds primal living strategies into our 21st century lifestyles.


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